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Hydrocarbon Production & Processing Equipment

2025 Harsh Avenue SE, Massillon, Ohio 44646
Phone (330) 833-3161 * FAX (330) 833-3162

Pressure Vessels:

Design & Build to ASME / API / TEMA Rules and Specifications Pressure Ratings: Full Vacuum to 3000 psig MAWP; Alterations and Repairs to NBI Code Rules

Oilfield Production Equipment:

Horizontal and Vertical Oil & Gas Separators; Gas / Oil Production Units; Indirect Line Heaters; *'ALSO' Valves; *'ALSO' Gas Line Drip Bottles to 20" Diameter

Natural Gas Processing Equipment:

Separators; Scrubbers; Line Filters; *'ALSO' Drip / Line Filter Assemblies; Absorbent / Adsorbent Gas Dryers; Controlled Meter / Regulator Stations

Compressor Station Equipment:

Separators; Knockouts; Scrubbers; Pulsation Dampeners to API 618 Specs.; Heat Exchangers; Suction / Discharge Filters

Chemical / Petrochemical Equipment:

Pressure Vessels; Reactors & Components; Heat Exchangers; Processing Equipment; Custom Fabrication to Customer Specifications


"Automatic Liquid Shut-Off"

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